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    • Top Home Renovation Tips for Sellers to Hone In On While Quarantined

    Top Home Renovation Tips for Sellers to Hone In On While Quarantined

    Top Home Renovation Tips for Sellers to Hone In On While Quarantined


    Were you looking to sell or were already in the process when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, essentially freezing our lives for the foreseeable future? Forecasts from the beginning of the year expected a good spring housing market, and now that outlook seems more and more fleeting. But not all is lost! You can make the best out of a bad situation. 


    Whether you can still sell depends on where you live, so talk to a local agent about your possibilities. In general, there will be delays and restrictions because of the nature of the situation: limited gatherings and in-person contact, services deemed non-essential closed and an uncertain end to lockdowns. But there are plenty of ways to adapt through virtual tours, digital tools and online selling tips during the coronavirus pandemic. 


    In the meantime, you can take advantage of your extra time at home to hone in on home improvement projects that you can do on your own to prepare your house for its future sale. Focus on these top home improvements that will add the most value without wasting money.  


    However, before planning a trip to your local hardware store, which might still be open, try to work with what you already have at home to avoid possibly crowded places. 

    Here are some suggestions for projects you can work on now: 


    Spruce up your curb appeal 


    Take advantage of the warming spring weather to give the outside of your home a new look. There’s plenty of gardening upkeeping tasks that this season brings, like weeding flower beds, planting new seeds and trimming back bushes. Seeding the lawn, and landscaping in general, has a high return on investment, according to HomeLight data. While home tours might be postponed at the moment, the front of your house remains visible to potential buyers.


    Touch ups and quick fixes


    Surely, there’s some small damages and issues you’ve been meaning to address for a while. Now’s your chance! Fill in nicks in the walls, touch up those patchy paint jobs, change lightbulbs in hard to reach places and deep clean nooks and crannies. The more time you spend at home, the more small fixes you’ll probably notice. However, avoid clean outs that produce too much trash as local waste management in many places are overwhelmed at the moment. 


    A fresh look for kitchens and bathrooms 


    Renovation projects don’t necessarily give you a major return on investment and can actually be a waste of money for something you won’t even enjoy while living there. Try to limit yourself to updating what you can on your own with what you have, like deep cleaning scrub those tile floors, finally clean the oven and give cabinets or walls a fresh paint job for a new look. 


    After all the home improvement you’ll be doing while stuck at home, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to get some updated photos. Take advantage of the spring blooms to get gorgeous outside shots, preferably with that great golden-hour light.  

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